Fred Numf a.k.a. Fred van Eck, began his DJ-career in the early 80`s. At first at small parties and later at a nightclub in Delft, he decided to move on. Fred already was ahead of his time, caning progressive house before anyone else in Holland did. A next phase of his career took him to international gigs in Denmark, U.S.A, China, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Brazil and Germany. Fred played alongside international DJ`s like Anthony Pappa, Max Graham, Seb Fontaine and Chris Fortier to name a few. His double Cd mix debut, Universal Language, was released in the summer of 2001. After raving reviews of the first mix, Black Hole released Universal Language 2 in the winter of 2002.
In 1997 Fred released his first single, Fred Numf - Feint, which was the start of a succesful career as a producer and remixer. Nowadays Fred produces a lot with his musical partner. Etienne Overdijk. Together they released acclaimed projects as Fred Numf vs. Five Point O, Space Dubs and Perpetual Two. On established labels like Alphabet City, Tue Inn and Deep Dish`s Yoshitoshi. 2003 will see the release of his first solo single, A collaboration with english vocalist Jokate Benson (Starecase), also entitled Universal Language. It has already been licensed to Maelstrom U.K. and the new Godskitchen album.

Fred Numf


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