Dj Ton T.B. is one of these guys that`s been around in the music industry forever. He`s probably best known for his production work with Three Drives, being responsible for the massive clubhits `Greece 2000`, `Sunset on ibiza` and the recently caned anthem `Carrera 2`. His tracks have been licensed to upfront international labels as Hooj Choons, Xtravaganza, VC Recordings and Vandit Records. Together with his partner in music, E. de Koning, Ton T.B. has released his stuff under many different pseudonyms, such as Tangled universe, Legal Traders and Department 1. He currenty holds the position of A&R/Labelmanager for Massive Drive Records.

At the beginning of his dj-career, Ton T.B. held various residencies in the netherlands. Now he has played on major outdoor events like Forever 1 in Vancouver and Impulz outdoor and has rocked
established clubs like Tangled Manchester, Haoman 17 Jerusalem, Speed club Budapest and El divino & Privilege in Ibiza. DJ Ton T.B. is now signed to Black Hole Recordings for various projects and mixcompilations. As his first release Ton has mixed In Trance We Trust 008, the next volume in the established series, which has launched the careers of DJ`s like Johan Gielen, Cor Fijneman and Misja Helsloot.