Gaetano Parisio, also known as Gaetek, 26 years old, started to dj in 1993 in his hometown Naples. His sound was already at this time techno and the kind of groove we know he is producing today.

Naples, the City which in last few years has seen a lot of labels and new talent come out of the bedrooms is still his homebase and his output has made the city for what it is known today in the techno scene.

In 1996 he produced his first record on Design music, the label run by his longtime friend and production partner Marco Carola. In the same year he started to produce some stuff for Primate and Planet Rhythm and a few other well known labels. In the second half of 97 he founded his first own label Conform records.

Concentrating his music on Conform, the label grew up really quickly and got a reputation for Class A techno productions. Until now Gaetano has produced on Conform artist such as Marco Carola, The Advent and Adam Beyer.

Under the project C&G South System is hided his collaboration in studio with Marco Carola on labels such as Conform, Drumcode and Tortured.

In the late 98, with the ELP-labelpool in Frankfurt, he started his second label ART, where Gaetano could express 100% his own unique production style. The sheer quality of the ART releases made him worldwide known and today he has a reputatation for being one of the most original producers in the techno scene.

In 1999, during the conflict in Kosovo, he founded the Techcommunity, a benefit project to help the people in the war areas. The Techcommunity saw the collaboration of artist such as Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier, The Advent, Surgeon, Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebush, Ben Sims and James Ruskin.The project was immediately a worldwide success and help was given to “Warchild” in order to support the children in Kosovo.

In the late 1999 his soloproject on Drumcode (19) was considered by many magazines and artists as one of the five best records of the year. As a dj he allready travelled the 4 continents while performing on three decks, exporting the unique sound of Naples in the ever expanding world of techno.

Geatano Pariso/ Geatek