1991, Edinburgh, Scotland, Dave Tarrida and friends started up SATIVA. This club ended up being one of the most popular dance nights in the country over the five years it existed. As well as residents Dave Tarrida and Steve Glencross, Sativa boasted debuting many international DJ's and producers in the UK over the years until it's end in 1996.

In 1994 Dave and Steve started SATIVAE RECORDINGS, releasing homegrown producers like Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt (both were doing live sets at Sativa), and also likeminded friends like Cristian Vogel. It didn't take long before the label was releasing international producers like dj Hell and Adam X.

By 1996 a Sativae sub-label, DROUGHT was created, showing a slightly different side of the label, whose artists include Jay Denham, Dj Valium and also Justin Berkovi. At the end of 1998 we saw a new electro based mini-series PENALTY released from the Sativae camp. Now, Dave spends his time recording for various labels, has a residency at TEST, at the Sub Club, Glasgow and also is busy DJ'ing around Europe and the US. 2000 sees Dave release his first LP on Berlin's legendary TRESOR label.

Dave Tarrida
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