glowing glisses

Glowing Glisses aka Florian Schirmacher and Guido Schneider are one of the most promising acts to sprout out of Berlin recently.

Guidos attempt to direct dry minimalism in a new direction, experiences a welcome new kick and drive with Florians vocals. Glowing Glisses music is a unique combinations of various styles and surprising arrangements. The mixture of clicks and bleeps, moody chords, powerful baselines on a dry drumbeat and the soulful legere vocals create a unique musical atmosphere. The projects musical open mindedness can be experienced in their live shows. Miss it and miss out…

Glowing Glisses


  • Paul Bergenh.

    Paul Bergenh.

    25 December 2005

    ze gaan weer de studio in :punk:

  • Ro


    25 December 2005

    Ik zit net hun album Silver Surfer te luisteren.
    Ik vind het ook erg leuk, maar vooral huiskamerniveau. Op een feestje hoef je mij dit niet voor te schotelen.

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