Paul Langley is the owner of the label, Jackstar. Jackstar was started in 200l and can be described as hard and funky with a Chicago style. Paul Langley was discovered by DJ Rush.

Paul Langley started Djing in 1985. He started off playing Hip-Hop and Soul and mixed his way into the DMC mixing championships in 1988. He joined a Hip-Hop group called “Sylk Kut” in 1988 and played a mini UK tour with De La Soul / Sugar Bear. In late 1988 he started buying house records and moved into the new Acid House scene. Paul finally got into Techno in 1993 after going to a “LOST” party, this was a major turning point for him musically.

Paul co-ran a weekly club night in Leicester Square, London in 1994 called “Iconelastic”. Also in 1994 he had a weekly radio show on London’s famous “Chillin FM 102.9.” Paul has also guest starred on various other radio show’s including & .

In 1997 Paul hooked up with DJ Rush after Rush heard a mix tape that Paul gave him. DJ Rush booked Paul Langley to play Berlin’s Love Parade and various other gigs in Germany that year. 1997 was also the year Paul invested in buying his first pieces of studio equipment. By 1998 he had released his first couple EP’s, one on Rush’s Kne’Deep, and the other on Off the Wall. Shortly thereafter Paul released on Justin Berkovi’s Predicaments label as a split EP with Rush and other labels such as High Octane / 4 X 4 / Tonewrecker / Audio Textures / Pro-Jex / Dark House Music / Morpheus / Thrill. Paul most recent project was with Jamie Bissmire (Space djz / Bandulu)
Paul started his own label, Jackstar, in 2001 because he felt that with the loss of UC and Jasper Stone records, there would need to be a new edge to fill in that gap of Chicago hard funk music. He contacted DJ Bam Bam and they put together the first release. Currenly Jackstar is on its 8th release and the reactions have all been very positive.

Paul Langley has been booked all over Europe and Japan. He’s also played in South America. His future plans are to set up another Jackstar mini tour in Europe as the last one with Urban / DJ MH was such a success.

Paul Langley
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