It seemed like music was a part of him, because he loved it from the moment he got into this world. When he was 4 he used to hang out with his neightbour, a boy who was playing keyboard and organ. He really loved it and on that age he was also playing his own songs on the keyboard. His pasion for music was growing, and a few months later he got his own organ. As soon as he heard a song, he ran to his organ and tried to play it. A few years later he was playing keyboards and organs fulltime. When he was in elementary school he was always playing songs on his keyboard infront of the class, he loved all the attention and he wanted more!

At the age of 8 he started dreaming. He couldn't read any notes so he went to a special school for people that loved music like he did. After a year he was tired of reading books full of notes and stuff about music so he quit music school, but he still held on to his dream. Around that time he got in touch with the radio and in a mather of time, there it was..a small radiostation in his own room. Being a DJ became his fulltime occupation next to his school. Ofcourse all his equipment got better and he finally got an 11-chanel mixing console.
When he was 11 years old, he found out that mixing songs was so awesome that he wanted to do that for the rest of his life. He started to search for songs and he started to mix them with other songs. DJ Xaero was born! By that time he started mixing songs with a friend. They were together every day, and all they did was practice! The weeks after were all the same. They were still praticing and they learned from there own and eachothers mistakes. 2 years later they discovered a recordstore. They went inside and all they saw were vinyl.. Vinyl they were everywhere! They started to talk with people who had more experience then they had. They went back to the recordstore weekly and bought some vinyl's every time they got there. But.. what to do with them when you cant listen to them. So they had to buy two turn-tables. And that wish came true. His friend bought two turn-tables and there they were! Two upcoming DJ's ready to conquer the world!
After a while they wanted to perform on parties. They got in contact with a boy who used to give parties in a big shed. They had sent him a demo and he listened to it. After that he called us, and asked us if we wanted to play at one of his party's. This was our first performance and it was fantastic!
Trough the record store they met some people wich resulted in a "gig" but this time much bigger as in the shed. Everyone was totally overwelmed, we asked so many friends and family that the profit was 4 times higher as on a normal evening. After a while it became silent around us and they broke up, they both went their own way. My friend retired in the music bussiness but he wanted to go on to inventually reach his dream. This goal concludes, like Xaero said, to become good, big and above all he want to perform a lot. But in the time he had only a few reservations, it really was not much but he was happy with it, the pleasure of performing would never lose the grip on the DJ. In the meanwhile he tried to produce his work and made a track wich almost instantly made him populair. Togheter with some friends he organized a party in his home town Alphen a/d Rijn. In order to make it a gigantic party there had to be a theme-song of great porportions, and they chose Xaero's song for it. This was signifecent and it also was the first song played that evening. The crowd turned loose, the track had a great impact on the people of the party. And last but not least it became a total trill when Xearo himself started his performance , the audience went crazy and his evening became almost perfect. Thanks to that he became a well known person in his surrounding and it becomes better by the day.