Born in JAPAN. He meet techno music on the advice of older brother Jin Hiyama in 1994. He is affected by Artificial Intelligence series of Warp Recards, YMO, Kraft werk. And he started track making in 1995. Afteraward, he interseted in minimal music(Jeff Mills, Fumiya Tanaka, Subvoice etc….). He started Dj and Live performance in 1997.

His thinking for minimalism isn't confined to music. He concentrated on architecture, alike. He is affected by Bau House, Mies van der Rohe, Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron. Therefore, his track is constituted all angles by various idea(Techno, Electronica, Dub, Rock….).

The track is discovered by James Ruskin. And Go made his debut from Coda Records. After that, he release from Electracom. Maracas Records, Warm Up etc…