Having gained worldwide recognition from the techno community in 1999 with his stunning releases for Dan Bell's 7th City label, Shawn Rudiman has rapidly built himself up to become one of the most eagerly observed figures in the scene. Writing futuristic, melodic techno and electro containing exceptional depth and funk, his ensuing reputation has been justly deserved.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, USA, he is renowned for his live sets as well as his releases – performances outstanding not only in their musical content but also the large degree of genuine improvisation that goes into them – each one a fluid jam, performed 100% live off analogue equipment, occasionally lasting up to five hours.

Shawn's musical career began as one half of THD, an industrial/IDM group which gave him his first releases. After four albums and almost ten years involved in that project, he became influenced by the deeper, soulful grooves of Detroit techno – utilising his extensive collection of vintage analog equipment, he began experimenting with this music, producing and releasing first as Tr-Generation on his own Hypervinyl imprint, then more successfully as himself on Dan Bell's 7th City Records– before recently setting up his current label, Technoir Audio.

Shawn's production style steers clear of any standard ‘club' techno format, instead delving deep into the more jazzy, melodic, (and sadly oft neglected) side of the genre – layering synthetic chords, bass grooves, keyboard harmonies and vocal snippets to create thickly textured, subtly expanding and inimitably danceable works.

As well as his Technoir Audio project, he has also seen recent releases for US imprint Integrated, and is responsible for 11th Hour's debut release – ‘Deal With It' . Also check out the two masterpieces on Technoir 005 and 006. And soon Shawn will also release two Ep's on our own Sound Architecture records..

Shawn Rudiman