Ontayso is formed by Koen Lybaert, Esther Santoyo and Dave Vanderplas, members of Llips. and Starfish Pool, who take ideas, sounds and concepts of these previous acts one step further into new creative areas. Since early 2004 Iain Law, halve of Iyunx Productions, became the fourth studio member of Ontayso. Also Steven Lambrechts has taken back his place on the side of Koen Lybaert to touch the strings, live and in studio.

Ontayso brings a combination of acoustic instrumentation and fine electronics. Lofi guitars, melodic sax and subtle percussions are mixed with layers of electronic manipulation of acoustic sounds, field recordings, samples, and several synthesizers.

The remix project where ontayso invited artists from the international electronic scene to do a remix from one of the tracks of Ontayso's first work Primer Momento is finished. The second and final part is released on u-cover.

Remixes are made by Kettel, Cosmic Connection, Mambotur, Loess, Alejandra and Aeron, Sense, And, File 538, Scanner, The Buddy System and Dj Godfather. (U-cover 013CD)
Also by Pan American, Greg Davis, Multiplex, Tim Koch, Funckarma, Bauri, Abstract Knights, Arno Peeters, Ten and tracer, Ultra Milkmaids and Break 3000. (U-cover 021CD).

Ontayso live is a combination of music and video.