The story of the Detroit Grand Pubahs is a story
about fun, funk and forked personalities. Originally
founded by Paris The Black Fu and Andy Toth in Detroit
back in 1998 today‘s Pubahs consist of Paris and his
alter egos.
Paris the Black Fu aka Offbeat Killer, aka Nurse
Hearse, aka Percy Slade, aka Plasticene Gene, aka the
Schizofrenic Brainchild of Funkno started DJing around
the age of 16 inspired by Detroit radio legends The
Electrifying Mojo and The Wizard (Jeff Mills). As one half
of Heckle & Jeckle (w/ Jon Williams), he played regularly
at the Po‘ Boys parties in Detroit.
Paris the Black Fu and Andy Toth (aka Dr.
Toefinger) met around 1998 and discovered their
mutual liking of electronic LoFi-Funk. They crossed
P-Funk, cartoon sexuality with a raw, minimal Techno
Booty and as Detroit Grand Pubahs, they released their
first single „Mad Circus EP“ on Brian Gillespie‘s label
Throw. Especially the lead track Sandwiches spread
like a bushfire and was picked up by Jive Electro who
immediately signed the Pubahs for a full length album.
A video was shot and Sandwiches made it into the Top
20 of the Billboard Club Charts as well as the UK Dance
In May 2000 the Pubahs performed Sandwiches
and some unreleased tracks to a packed crowd at the
first-ever Detroit Electronic Music Festival before Jive
released their debut album „Funk All Y‘all“ in early
2001. The album lays out their typical signature sound
of minimal lofi funk and trashy electro sounds backed
up with hip-smart booty beats. Mostly vocoder pitched
Paris‘ lyrics describe a lunatic world of odd characters
and even more odd sexual practices. The album is also
a playground for Paris‘ various forked personalities
who are taking the lead on tracks like „One Hump Or
Two“, „Ride“, „After School Special“ (with Miss Kittin),
„Plasticene Gene“ or „Dr. Bootygrabber“. Jockey Slut
called them „the only non-stop erotic techno cabaret
worth catching“.
Most of 2001 the Pubahs toured around the
world to promote the debut album with big success.
They‘ve also taken their live shows to a new level, with
Paris donning multiple costumes and personalities,
dropping his pants to reveal nothing but a thong and
shaved ass, and encouraging women to join him on
stage and hump to the funk-fueled beats.
In 2002 the Pubahs were dropped from Jive
Electro as they refused to deliver a slick polished
commercially exploitable follow-up to Sandwiches. Dr.
Toefinger, while running tests on himself is now brain
dead due to the Schizofrenic Investigator tampering
with the equipment. Paris decided to keep Toefinger in
a cryogenic life-support chamber until he figures out a
way to reverse Toefinger‘s condition.
In 2002 - 2003 the Pubahs worked on some
remixes for e.g. Cornershop, Op:l Bastards and Gigolo‘s
Moscatelo, before Poker Flat asked for a remix of Märtini
Brös. „Hot“ (pfr34). The master tape also included some
new Detroit Grand Pubahs tracks which forced us to
sign them for a long term relationship.
Amongst Märtini Brös., Martin Landsky,
Glowing Glisses, Hakan Lidbo and Steve Bug, Detroit
Grand Pubhas are the perfect addition to expand the
Poker Flat universe. The first single „The Clapper“ has
been released in November 2003 and proves that the
Detroit Grand Pubahs are back with full power. With
explicit lyrics and stomping uptempo Electro-Techbeats
the track will be a sure shot in every set from
House to Techno, from Electro(clash) to Bootybarflavour.
With a mighty straight forward remix by Jesper
Dahlbäck „The Clapper“ opens up the fest for the
2004 releases. A second single will follow early 2004
before the brandnew Detroit Grand Pubahs album
„The Galactic Ass Creatures From Uranus“ follows in
April. Still on the hunt for the perfect booty the album
will feature fresh and minimal but funky tracks like „Big
Onion“, „The Weed Is In The Kitchen“, „Nurse Hurse
Jack Move“ and many more.

Detroit Grand Pubahs
Verenigde Staten