(Dusttraxx, Chicago-USA)

Born and raised in the birthplace of House Music, Paul Johnson who has over forty 12” releases (on Dust Traxx, Undaground Therapy, Cajual/Relief, Dance Mania, Riveria, Full House, Confidential, IHR, Peacefrog, and Djax) and six full-length albums (on Nite Life Collective, Relief, Moody, Peacefrog, and ACV), is one of our hometown heroes. Recording under the aliases Traxxmen with Robert Armani, Brother 2 Brother with Gant Garrard, and Yonkapin on his own making both deep disco house excursions and techno bangers, Paul is known world wide for setting and resetting the direction of House Music time and time again. “Playing With a Rubber Band", “Just Whistle”, “Burnin’ for Your Yearnin’”, and of course, “Get, Get Down” (which, by the way, came out on Moody, Defected, Fuel, Legato, and Rise), have all become part of our hearts, our minds, and our souls.

His remix work for Craig Alexander, Gant Garrard, Studio Nova, Stacy Kidd, Joey Beltram, Green Velvet, Armando, CC Penniston, CZR, Ron Trent, K-Alexi, and Steve Poindexter made it’s way into all the big jocks boxes, some of them remain there to this day. Presently working on a new full-length album, Paul promises to once again take us on a Chicago House wild ride as only he can.

Paul Johnson
Verenigde Staten