Real Name: Jonathan Edward Canupp
Birthdate: June 7, 1982
Location: Longmont, Colorado USA
Affiliations: 8bitpeoples, U-Cover, Tundra, Kikapu, Civik

Writing in the third person seems strange to me.

Hi, I am a normal fellow with a normal job. I enjoy making music and hiding things in it.

My ventures into music date as far back as age 10 when I would play little synthesizers and guitars into a dual cassette recorder. My interest in electronic music began with ReBirth. The first results were a twisted sort of acid music. Shortly after I made some nice 8bit music and joined this wonderful group of people, the 8bitpeoples. I then became fascinated with nostalgia thanks to Lou Barlow's 4-track recordings and began to pursue the atmosphere and feeling within. Now my music is the result of the hopeful feeling of post-apocolyptic 70s sci-fi music, the playful, childlike feeling of 3-2-1 contact, and the latest in computer technology.

Influences include Wendy Carlos, Robert Emeneggar, Synergy, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Stevie Wonder, and all the usual IDM and hip-hop fellows.

Ten & Tracer
Verenigde Staten