Danilo Vigorito is born in Naples in 1974 , in centre, where folklore, colors, and all kind of music spread quickly.

He started djing in 1991 in some really good parties with friends and fresh peoples who belived that a new electronic age that was beginning…… Quite soon he recognized djing wasn’t enough! Finally Danilo started to work in some recordings studios to learn workings machines and make records by himself.

After working for three years as sound engineer, he decided to begin is career, the starting point of building up his own studio at home.

The first release in December 2000 is Sync Mode e.p. on Informale rec. The name of this record means the absence of a computer and so the synchronization between drum machines and synthesizer.

Afterwards, lots of releases came out on some important labels as Conform, Genetic, Primate, Speaker Attack and finally on Zenit.

Right now, Danilo is working for his own project of label called orionmuzik. He recently started travel around Europe perfoming and spreadind his cool brilliant sound.

Danilo Vigorito