Dave Harder has been active in the dance scene more then 12 years now. He bought his first turntables at the age of 16 and at his 19th he already had his own club night. Dave has got a big love for music and because he has been busy with house music for quite a while now he can really mix many different styles. Allthough Dave's interest for (dance)music in general his particular love goes out to electro and techno music in the most wide perspective.

Behind the turntables Dave is really enjoying himself, dancing and mixing he knows how to surprise his audience and take them away into his musical trip. Because of his big experience in the dance scene, Dave is always keen not to bore the dancefloor.

Dave is an energetic DJ, who not only likes turntables but the performance as an artist as well. Doing tricks and playing with effects is what he likes, but never too much. Please ask for a demo cd and find out yourself.

List of some gigs done and events Dave played at:

Reactor, Now & Wow - Rotterdam
Reactor, Powerzone - Amsterdam
Creator, Nighttown - Rotterdam
Mesmarize, Artis - Amsterdam
FFWD Danceparade, Rotterdam
Off Corso, Rotterdam
ID-T Radio
Club Hedon, Zwolle

Dave Harder