Joerg Henze belongs to the list of those active since the inception. His DJ career started in 1987 in Frankfurt, Germany at the Plastic Club. In 1991 his first hit single came on the market. Psilocybin" developed quickly into a popular and often-heard club hit. An additional highlight in W.Joerg Henze's life is undoubtedly his founding of the Delirium” record and clothing store chain. With nine branches located in the United States. Germany and Switzerland at its height, it is still known across the world.

In 1994 he co-founded Neuton", which is still one of the largest record labels of the electronic music genre. Henze left Neuton" in 1997, and sold Delerium" two years later. Since then he has devoted himself completely to music, as he says, because music is and always will be my life.

Joerg Henze is internationally recognized as a DJ, producer and record label founder. He founded the labels Federation of Drums", Danza Electronica", Dawn" and Delirium Red". Frankfurt-born W.Joerg Henze is always at the leading edge, as demonstrated not only by his performances as a DJ, but also by his many successful productions for world renowned artists. He has produced, among others, Chris Liebing, Thomas P. Heckman, Pascal F.E.O.S., Marco Zaffarano, Oliver Lieb und Steve Stoll. All received the Henze touch". In addition, Joerg Henze is producer of the Toni Rios album and coproducer of the Frank Lorber LP. With the release of more than fifty hit records a year, Joerg Henze ranks with the most productive artists in the electronic music scene. Well known labels such as PV-Records", Spielzeug", Black Nation", Knee Deep", Terminal M" and Frisbee" release his tracks regularly. Raveline" magazine describes Henze's style as, Music you listen to when you're on your way to the club. He is open to everything, as his countless productions in the fields of house", techno" and trance" demonstrate.

Henze's numerous club tracks appear under the pseudonyms Gecko, WJH, Submode, Cor Dekking, Leaders of the 909, Bassoon and W. Joerg Henze. His productions often appear on the playlists of world renowned dj's, for example, on Carl Cox's, on which Henze made number one. W.J. Henze released his first album in 2001 under the title, Passengers Only". Henze also has successes to show in the field of remix. Songs by Anne Clark, Earth Nation, Pascal F.E.O.S. Resistance D, Robert Armani, Thomas P. Heckmann, Picotto, Marco Zaffarano, and Oliver Lieb have all received the Henze touch".

Henze spun the turntable for the first time at the age of 17. Since then his passion for music has remained strong. As one of the fastest dj's in the world, he prefers to work three turntables at a time and consistently makes a club visit a true experience with his techno sound. Henze doesn't leave out Time Warp", Love Parade", "Mayday" or any of the groove acts. He has played countries like France, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Canada, Slovenia and Switzerland as a DJ. Everywhere, he has delighted fans with his progressive style. He has worked with world famous dj's such as Chris Liebing, Toni Rios, Thomas P.Heckman, Pascal FEOS, Jeff Mills, DJ Rush and Good Groove, in performances that required that not two, but four turntables be shared by the performers.

Referenz (Excerpt): Airport – Würzburg, Omen, Space Place, MTW & U 60311 – Frankfurt, Nachtwerk Club – Munich, Fusion – Münster, Porn Club – Essen, Pleasuredome – Augsburg,
Prison – Landau, Bienstädter Warte – Erfurt, Distillery – Leipzig, 8 Mai – Chemnitz, Palazzo – Bingen, Timewarp – Mannheim, Slowienia, Kroatia, Turkey, U.K., Canada…..

W.Jörg Henze