Davide Squillace

Davide Squillace was born in Siena, central Italy, in 1977. Immediately after his birth, his family went back to its home town, restoring Davide to his own genuine background.
The fermenting Partenopean culture particularly marked Davide’s personality, whose sensitiveness - some call it "feminine"- has always been displayed by his production’s qualities.

Fancying to dance in the beginning, Davide got in touch with electronic music in 1995, discovering his passion for the innovative sonorities which began to be peculiar to the techno scene of those years. At that time, Davide already had a definite musical taste, ranging from the German and American electro-scene to the experimental music and house music, as well as from the soul music to jazz and hip hop.
After a short experience as a promoter, his creative capabilities imposed him a precise path to follow: it is then that Davide decided to broaden the set of knowledge he had acquired in Naples’s underground scene and to move into the socio-cultural capital city of the electro-music world.

Only after having finished school, aged 18, he went to London U.K., where he lived for three years and where his creative genius came into contact with the electro-sound generation for the first time. He managed to buy the first music machines: a sampler and an electric drum kit which he produced techno sonorities with. His first works were studies on instruments’s functionalities and their range of use. This research aim in sounds was the distinctive feature of Davide’s style in his London period.

With only few music machines and a little knowledge in electronics, he succeded in producing good quality tracks, so to have his first record published by PRIMATE. Soon after, his talent was noticed by AUDIO and CONTRAST, that soon published some of his EPs. In 1999 he went back to Naples, Italy, where he started DJing now and then.
Neapolitan clubs, famous for the top quality DJs that made them vibrate, enthusiastically reacted to his firs sets, so that Davide was immediately launched within the circuit of the Neapolitan techno DJs. Still in 1999, Davide attended the school of Sound Engeneering, graduating in two years. In this lapse of time, Davide remarkably limited the number of his productions, keeping himself focused exclusively on technical matters concearning contemporary music art. In 2001 and Davide started to produce tracks again.

His high-quality technical knowledge allowed his talent to fully express itself and to bring out unquestionable quality works. DESIGN MUSIC first, then CONFORM, produced some of them, earning excellent judgements in international reviews. Davide was not able to put up with the filters that the labels placed on his sonorities, though. He therefore decided to set up in the SKETCH project, to be finally free to re-create his tastes. This project has now arrived to its number 03 release, that is giving groove and freshness back to the old techno music.

Davide’s records, played by DJs worldwide, have been his key to enter the main European techno temples. His dynamic sets are, for everybody, synonym of SKETCH products: light and fast, impregnated with the strenght and the quality of this new DJ-style, which Davide is nowdays one the young representative of.

Davide Squillace