'He made me feel sick' was the veteran tech house DJs' verdict on the young upstart he had played with in Europe the week before. It was something to do with the way he attacked the CDJ1000s, scratching into his opening tune, synching up two copies of another, nudging one slightly out of phase for a big flangey effect before slamming the reverse switch on one of the decks for a rhythmically perfect splurge of aural mayhem. It was another good night out down the disco with James Zabiela.

Whilst the live Zabiela experience is such that even a faultlessly executed double CD will only ever show part of the picture, we'd like to think we've captured a pretty mesmerising snapshot of a young man on the verge of great things - a finely balanced combination of listening experience and DJ mix CD. All mixed 100% live, of course, something that Zabiela was adamant about. No Pro-Tools tomfoolery here…

And it's this kind of attitude that has earned James his many (deserved) admirers - those who like to come and get a closer looks at a technical DJ in action, i.e.: those lads you see crowding round James at gigs watching his hands, whilst everyone else shakes their ass - gawd bless 'em!

James Zabiela
Verenigd Koninkrijk