Stijl: Muziek met invloeden van Hip Hop, Funk, Electro, Techno en House

Widely acclaimed as an avant-garde group of musicians and performers, Gus Gus mixes together different mediums to create a unique musical sound. Their trademark style has an ethereal quality, combined with funky bass, drum sounds and the intelligent use of technology.
The Gus Gus moniker itself stems from the 1972 German film “Fear Eats The Soul”, in which a prostitute makes the best spicy couscous (she pronounces it “gus gus”) in the neighbourhood. The group couldn’t resist the depiction and the sexually provocative pronunciation coupled with the dish’s ironic multi-ingredient composition. Originally Gus Gus was a group of nine people, but like all creative forces, it changes. While the size of the group has varied over the group’s existence, the ability to create eclectic music is constant.
Initially labeled as the new Sugarcubes, this fellow Icelandic group chose to embrace the eclectic nature of their collective members – musicians, actors, photographers and filmmakers. The diversity, which has come to define the group, is also its chief source of inspiration since their inception more than six years ago. Their 199 debut album, “Polydistortion”, with its infusion of everything from Jazz and Hip Hop to Techno and Funk coupled with the group’s dramatic cinematic influences helped to create this critically acclaimed freshman effort.
The 1999 follow-up, “This Is Normal” brought the group one stop closer to mainstream acceptance, displaying an eclectic range of influences, including Hip Hop, Funk, Electro, Techno and House. The album’s 11 tracks include the stand out singles “Bambi” and “Dominique”.
Gus Gus were always bound to be unconventional. Recently re-christened with the names of Biggi Veira (Biggi Thorarinson), Buckmaster De La Cruz (DJ Herb Legowitz), President Bongo (Stephan Stephenson) and the addition of vocalist, Earth (Urdur), the core members of Gus Gus are moving on from the UK-based 4AD to signing a multi-album deal with the leading electronic indie label, Moonshine Music in US. And in the UK have hooked up with Darren Emerson’s extremely Hot Underwater Imprint. Not ones to shy away from much, Gus Gus dove right into work on their third studio effort. The musical evolution of Gus Gus will definitely catch you with the aptly titled “Attention”, released 14th October, 2002.

Like their fellow national, Bjork, Gus Gus has developed a sound that is all their own: innovative and challenging, yet accessible and even dance-floor friendly.