An exponent of Detroit's early 90's techno energy, THEOREM (better known as Dale Lawrence) clearly understands the history at hand behind the words Detroit Techno. Keenly influenced by the talents of Kenny Larkin, Carl Craig and Richie Hawtin, Lawrence animates movement through his machines. Detroit is home for Lawrence: a decayed city, mixing the warm and cold realities of machines and architecture in harmony. His trek towards techno began from a synth-pop background working with a few bands in the late eighties. Via the airwaves and underground parties in Detroit, his attention to techno grew at the turn of the decade, realizing what grabbed his ears was actually from home.

Through the growth of his own material and the local underground scene, Theorem built a relationship with Richie Hawtin and Plus 8 Records. After demo-communication over almost two years, his debut release, the near-ambient house full length Nano, was released in March 1996 on Plus 8. The album received great response throughout North America and Europe, acquiring positive press coverage and strong radio play from Detroit's eclectic station, WDET FM.

After the presence of Nano, the sound structure of Theorem had gone through a metamorphosis. Between early 1996 and mid 1997 Dale found inspiration from the German Triangle of dub-minimalist producers from the Basic Channel, Chain Reaction and Studio 1 labels. Minimally speaking, local producers like Daniel Bell and Robert Hood were already stripping their sound down to the essentials, composing with modern time signatures. Similar frequencies were also heard in a developing sound through the year-long recording project of Richie Hawtin's 1996 Concept 1. Elements from these new forms merged with his own style, illustrated in the follow-up 1997 single, Mantra One (Plus 8). The single featured Os and Dos, two ambient experiments that were equally as impactive as the floor-friendly Mantra One and Clone.

Theorem's debut live attempt in Toronto during 1996 was interrupted mid-set, as police ceased the event to go on any further. One year later in Graz, Austria, his first true performance went off, playing at Steirischer Herbst, the Styrian cultural arts festival. During 98 he performed brilliant sets at Minus' Consumed event outside Detroit, alongside Autechre in Toronto, and the FCMM New Media festival in Montreal during the fall. In addition to his live debut, 1997 declared a heavy load of recording, mainly during the winter months. The bulk of these sessions are presented as 4 separate singles (or 'elements') within 1998's TH Series. The series is highlighted by the track 'Shift' which features drive-by recording of Detroit's I-75 highway, just yards from his home. The TH Series was released as the cd compilation 'Ion' (TH5) in may of 1999. The following month Theorem was invited to perform at the Sonar music festival which takes place annually in Barcelona, Spain. The three day festival featured many established and next wave artists from around the globe.

Most recently Lawrence launched the THX sublabel ( in November of 1999, which showcases collaborations and remixes between Theorem and other like-minded artists close to home and around the globe, usually focusing on exchanges taking place electronically over the internet, further demonstrating how much technology has brought us closer together. The THX series created a buzz almost immediately with the first two releases, THX1 & THX2, between Theorem and the Swayzak duo out of London, UK. These were quickly followed up with THX3, a Theorem vs. Stewart Walker release, and more collaborations with other artists are already in progress.

With continued local support musically, Theorem is often heard on Detroit's radio waves, and also through Detroit's digital community. Working for a web development design company, he composed the soundtrack to Eden, an online animated comic adaptation by artist Kenjji Marshall. With a degree in Photography and Digital Imaging, his arts cross at times, each influencing the other, while understanding the complete picture. Dale has also designed and programmed his own artist site in its entirety, which features downloadable versions of his releases for online listening

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