Emerging, bleary-eyed and snaggle-toothed into daylight from the Parisian underground, meet the vampiric Blackstrobe. Quel est Blackstrobe? Blacstrobe are producer, Arnaud Rebotini and Dj, Ivan Smagghe. A studio wizard and a nightlife animal. A metal geek and a disco freak. A classical buff and a dancefloor diva…you get my drift? Put this pair together, and you're on the receiving end of skewed, fucked-up beats and aural wet-dreams.
Rebotini is a rated and respected producer, into his Boulez and Kirk/Mallinder. Smagghe freqently sets Paris's dancefloors alight with his idiosyncratically renowned sets. Previously a key player with France's Radio Nova and a member of Volga Select, he chops out enough perverted disco to corrupt dancefloors everywhere, while Arnaud Rebotini's soundscapes lend a dark and sinister vibe to the proceedings. Output's tradition of classic modern music with a dark and scary edge grows stronger with each release