Draaistijl Van electro, pop, acid, tot house

Erol Alkan is the dj/promoter of Trash - London's most talked about club - and the face's UK club of the year 2001. His anarchic booty-licious style cross-pollinates pop and acid house and has won him fans at every gig he plays from Bugged Out! tot The End from The Boutique to Fabric to Culture Club in Belmondo and the occasional catwalk.
He blends his beloved 'Blue Monday' with Kylie, or Fischerspooner with a Missy Elliot bootleg with the verve an enthusiasm of a rock star winning him fans amongst punters and promoters alike.

* After the reception to his first appearance at Bugged Out! Meets the Boutique in London he was offered a residency on the spot
*In December 2001 he played before Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers at the Boutique's Christmas party leading to the Chem's citing him as one of their favourite dj's in a recent NME.
*In March 2002 he played a gig at Sankeys Soap in Manchester which ended with requests for autographs and the crowd singing the Batman theme to him (he often wears a Batman tee) begging him to return the following week. The Sankeys team said they'd never seen anything like it!
*At Bugged Out! in Liverpool after another riotous reception he was approached by Jim King from Cream and offered a slot at Creamfields on the spot!

Erol Alkan
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