Ricky Rivaro was born in 1977. Rik de Vries, a.k.a. Ricky Rivaro, started DJ-ing in 1993, when he was only 16 years old. After teaming up in 1998 with seven of his best mates, Dansation was born. Together with DJ Patt and Matthew Manxman, Rivaro formed the Dansation dj team.
It was through this enthusiasm that Rivaro's star started rising. Meanwhile, when the Dansation club nights were rocketing on a monthly basis,
Ricky Rivaro started to get some interesting bookings all over the country. In July, 2002, an opportunity arrised, making one of Ricky's dreams come true: He was asked to host a weekly show on ID&T Radio which contains two hours of quality music and lots of interesting items. This gave him the opportunity to share his passion for music with listeners all over the country. His sound is best described as a variety of different styles of quality house music, yet his sets are uncompromising and steady as a rock. Ricky likes his records to be energy-based. He moves people and doesn't rest until he sees smiling faces all over the dance floor: Hungry for that moment when the tension builds up and a climax is ahead. Elevating venues all across Holland, Ricky's fuse is lit and his bomb is about to go off.

Ricky Rivaro