Under the influence of Kraftwerk, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Jeff 'The Wizard' Mills, Chicago and Italian house music and the radio icons of the Electrifyin' Mojo and WBMX/Chicago, Stacey Pullen was nurtured in the rich, fecund musical soil of Detroit in the mid 80's. Inspired by the mystical epicenter of the techno earthquake, The Music Institute, Stacey began spinning at local venues and underground parties only to chuck it for a short three years to pursue a collegiate career.

Drawn back by his destiny, Stacey released his Ritual Beating System under the alter ego known as Bango. The full, resonant tribal percussion of that release opened the musical minds of others who followed with tribal dance tracks of their own. Similar to the innovators that came before him, Pullen’s first release was a big sound influencing others throughout the world.

As a result of remixing projects and a hoard of releases on KMS Records, Eclipse Records, BMG/Ariola, Buzz, PIAS/Belgium, R&S, Warner, Virgin and, of course, Transmat Records, Stacey has been in demand all over the world mixing magic on the dance floors to countless fans. His exotic style has taken him all over North America, the Dutch Caribbean, Chile, Australia, Japan and throughout Europe.

At the same time he has developed his vibe into a mixture of ambient, jazzocentric grooves. Silent Phase… the signature of his first album on Transmat Records. Born under the sign of the Twins, Stacey's music is dual in perspective and approach. True to the pure electronic sound of the 80's/90's, he grooves with a round, heavier African bottom. Flowing from two inherent sources Silent Phase is both the passion and energy of the soul fused with the vision and expansiveness of his mind's eye.

Stacey Pullen
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