After the mid-nineties there was a lack of acid music in Finland. There were few stubborn bands, like the Tripguide, who were doing their best, although it wasn't enough to keep up a strong following.

In 1997 Tomi Kesäniemi, originally a heavy-guitarist, and Jouni Raninen, a tracker artist and a small time pianist, decided to combine their musical ambitions. Original project name was Koje (Gadget), and the amount of gear was small. Enthusiasm was the word, and so the project later evolved into something we currently know as Healium.

Around that time, the Propellerheads launched their ReBirth-program, which was also used by Koje. Some might say, that ReBirth killed the acid music, but others may refer it as a thing that let the beginners feel the thing before taking up major step in real production of acid music.

In the end of the year, homepages of the project were put up. The pages were immediately a good thing: a Finnish record label Skeletor Records, run by Kalle Karvanen, offered to release the material. The project name was changed into Healium. During the next few years Healium released three EP's thru Skeletor. The recods got playtime in the national radio-channels, and even some interviews were given. There has been some words, that the records have even played in radio outside of Finland, for example some positive feedback has come as far as from Peru.

After the first recoding, Healium set up for the action it had been founded: the gigs. Early on, the performing was a bit uncertain, but it was subdued by the burning enthusiasm. Performances received some real decent feedback, and the parts of the audience often asked about any recordings and came personally to thank us. Along the years, Healium experimented with the live-sets: some of the sets were totally improvised, some of them lasted for hours and were played with visiting artists, such as Happo, Cassu and Stak Etop.

Later the Skeletor Records had to shut down most of it's production, and Healium had to look for new channels to release the material. The latest Healium recording is from the Dutch label Djax Up-Beats. Djax distributes it's records worldwide, and Healium has gotten really good feedback from the 303-enthusiasts around the world.

Nowadays, Healium is vivid and strong , and the essence of it's operation are the live sets without any pre-recorded elements. The element of fun is always included in the performing, and together with the improvisation, they guarantee unique and energetic live-sets.