Giorgos Gatzigristos, born in 1979, lives in Nijmegen - The Netherlands, all his life. As a child he got enthralled by the analogue sounds of Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre, which his father sort of pushed on him. Their sounds and compositions got him interested in the way these artists created their music and the vision they had about music in general.

After a disappointing Saturday night in the center of Nijmegen, he got lost with some friends and ended up at the famous club Doornroosje, where one of the first Highland Beats label nights had already taken off. After that event, Giorgos interest in electronic dance music grew. He started experimenting with sounds and rhythms on his Amiga computer, trying to build tracks based on fragments of what he heard at Doornroosje and illegal parties. After a while he bought his first synthesizer and a sampler followed very soon. He started buying records before he had even bought genuine turntables and a mixer, just to get an idea of how the music was presented (unmixed). The next logical step was learning to spin those records, just like all the great artists that played at Doornroosje. Eventually, he performed at that location and that was his first public appearance.

Nowadays, the synthesizers and samplers are replaced by a computer. There are endless possibilities with the power of computers, yet all off these possibilities are useless without proper control. Indeed, it is important to control, but it should never be your goal to control, only because you can. You should control because you have to. Giorgos tries to put many influences in his music always building on older influences and yet, always trying to walk new paths. All my music is created in a spontaneous way: never do I submit myself to the patterns of being fashionable. When starting on the construction of a music piece, I never think to much about what it should become because, in thinking about the pieces destination, you are already limiting yourself in how to reach that destination.

On June the 2nd, 2004 Giorgos first record got released on the Dutch label of Darko Esser and Ger Laning (DJ LL): Wolfskuil Records. It was a split release with his mate, Piet van Dongen, and was the first step in producing music for the public. Unfortunately, getting his Master in Management Science degree is eating up more time than he would want it to. But, with some releases on K2 Records to hit the shelves soon, Giorgos is getting along again.

As a DJ Giorgos is very versitile and plays on 2 decks using Serato and a RedSound SoundBite XL.

Giorgos Gatzigristos