Steve Glencross

In 1991 Sativa was started by an Edinburgh based collective who organised free parties and clubs. It became one of the most sucessfull club night's in Scotland until it ended strong in 1996.

During it's five years, Sativa's residents Steve Glencross and Dave Tarrida played alongside various international Dj's and live acts, many playing in the UK for the first time. As the club progressed, it provided a platform for many up and coming Scottish based producers including Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt to experiment playing live. In 1994 Steve and Dave started Sativae Recording's, releasing some of the first music from Edinburgh based producers Neil and Tobias. Then going on to release music by International artists like Dj Hell, Adam X, Chancellor and Cristian Vogel.

In 1996 the sister label Drought was set up, with a view to expand on the musical output of Sativae. Releases from the likes of Jay Denham, Dj Valium, Tobias Schmidt, Justin Berkovi and Si Begg have seen the label grow into an interesting project. Most recently the mini series Penalty was set up to experiment with electro based themes, with tracks coming from well known Detroit producers like Ectomorph and Dj Godfather, Germany's Anthony Rother and local UK producers like Voigt Kampff, DMX Krew, Jamie Liddel and Karl Finlow aka 20/20 Vision.

Steve Presently has a residency at Test at the Sub Club in Glasgow. He also Dj's in Europe and Asia with dates at Tresor, Prag and House of God lined up. He's played at events like House of God, Haywire, Pure and Growth in the UK, Stammheim, Technocom, Ultrashall and Club Prag in Europe plus Maniac Love, Metro and Joule in Japan.

Steve Glencross
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