Who is the emperor machine ? how did you get the name ?
the emperor machine is ANDY MEECHAM, the name was chosen randomly from a big black hat belonging to a MR James of the Dyer … i think there was about 30 / 40 names in that hat, some of them had been created by MR J Saul Kane and some by me. the final choice was an amalgamation of two names that came together as one !

where / what / who are the musical roots of the emperor machine ?
the roots / inspiration of the emperor machine comes from all sorts of music & sci-fi films, prog rock / electronic rock / disco / doctor who / blah blah…. too much inspiration can be a good thing..

in one of your other project (big200) you did a track based on a silver apples song… how is this band important for you ? more generally speaking, what psyché rock means for you ?
the silver apples were just a small part of the inspirational element behind the creation of the BIG200 project. the track your on about does sound similar to the S.A but how could you not be inspired after listening to that particular LP ….more of a tribute we think.

is this project a way to do your own thing besides the collaborative work of the chicken lips ? is there any common points to this two projects ?
yes i think i'm always going to have to do my own thing musically its more of a necessity than anything else ,i just cant go a day without venturing into the studio for at least an hour or so

could you tell us what an emperor machine performance will look like ?
yep it will be a live 4 piece band. the drummer will triggering most synth sequences using a drum kit. there are not going to be any fixed track arrangements for the band to follow. its going to be more of a rock synth frenzy, a progressive turbo live jam. every gig will be a different experience for the band , and the crowd.

your are also the man behind the project "bizarre inc" what are your feelings about this era ?
bizarre inc was an amazing time in my life …… we toured the world and got to meet loads of strange weird and wonderful people who were really into what we were doing musically.

for this record you seemed to use vintage equipment and 70s production techniques, could you tell us more about the process ? are you tired of the laptop-electronica sound design so popular these days
in my opinion using my laptop to record & edit the music i'm working on has got to be one the best buys i've made in a long time … so in answer to your question i don't think i'm ever going to be tired of it…. if the truth be known i really wanted to record something just for myself that sounded like it could of really been a lost album from that dusty analogue era. i just recorded everything badly through a 70s marshall head or an old tape echo and into a mac so i could piss about cutting and pasting ideas together and watching the fruits of my labor turn into something…………. FANTASTIC!

all time top ten ?
impossible! …. it changes every single day !! all i could say is at the moment i'm going through a heavy CAN addiction again.

The Emperor Machine
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