Dirt Crew

Bestaat uit James Flavour en Break3000

When James Flavour and Break 3000 decided to produce music together they made a track called GIVE ME HOUSE.Peter Gijselaers aka Break 3000 came more from the electro/techno side and produced for Meuse Muzique, Pocketgame and Trapez. Felix Eder aka James Flavour was totally into this minimal and funky house sound and produced for labels like Highgrade and Brique Rouge. But what they had in common was this passion for french house music from the likes of Daft Punk or Cassius. So when they made this track they noticed that they had a strong relation to old school house music and that they both could become a cool underground Boy Group. So…DIRT CREW was founded 2003 in a nice appartment in Cologne. 2004 they released their first EP Cleaning up the Ghetto Part I on MBF and got respect from many famous DJs like Trevor Jackson, Ata, Ivan Smagghe and Sasse.With the second part Cleaning up the ghetto II and the track ROK DA HOUSE everything exploded and the guys got heavy plays on dancefloors worldwide. Also the remix for Naomi by M.A.N.D.Y. on MBF got a lot of attention. Around this time James met Sasse and they became homies.This resulted in the first DIRT CREW single for Moodmusic with the two tracks 808 Lazerbeam and Darkside.This record got amazing feedback from the house, electro and techno community cause it stands for a totally new sound. Jackin house with influences from old rave and trance tracks. The track was licensed to Pias and hit the Groove magazine charts even before it was in the record stores. The dream team also remixed Anja Schneider for Pias. Because of this success and their enormous productivity they decided to start up their own label named Dirt Crew Recordings and release trax by themselves and good friends. The first release will come out in November 2004. From Oktober on they will also perform their successful singles in a live setup.

Source: dirtcrew.net

Dirt Crew