Bestaat uit Dapayk en Eva Padberg

Dapayk & Padberg are Niklas Worgt and Eva Padberg. Since 1993 Niklas is a producer and released tracks under different names (see dapayk for more infos) on his label Mo`s Ferry Prod.. Since 2000 he only uses the name Dapayk.

In 2003 topmodel Eva Padberg, who has been doing some of the graphic design for previous releases since the middle of the 90's, started to live out her musical creativity with the project Dapayk & Padberg .
The work on their label and her carrier as a model takes a lot of her time by traveling between her flats in New York and Erfurt.

The music of Dapayk & Padberg contains Eva`s ideas of sounds and once narrative, once melodic lyrics and the creativity of Niklas` musical roots.

Dapayk & Padberg