.Stéphane Dri, aka Scan X, is one of the original pioneers of the French Techno scene. His career began in 1993 when he released his first two EPs on the now legendary FNAC MUSIC imprint.
In 1994, another milestone was reached when Scan X released a series of EPs on Laurent Garnier and Eric Morand’s label F Communications. Many of these tracks are now considered classics.
It was therefore a natural progression for Scan X to release his debut album “Chroma” in 1996, an album that was warmly received by both the rock scene and the electronic scene alike, something of a rare achievement. A first in France for a Techno artist.
Scan X’s productions continued to develop as his unique style and precision matured. He has created an uncompromising universe where the profoundly intellectual is mixed with powerful dancefloor sounds. As a result Scan X has performed in the most important international music events of the past 10 years.
Festivals including Sonar (SP), I Love Techno (B), Time Warp (D), Transmusicales (F), Universe (UK), Roskilde (DK), Dance Valley (NL), Mayday (D), Montreux Jazz Festival (CH), …to name but a few…As well as in the world’s leading clubs : Rex Club (F), The End (UK), Fuse (B), Space (SP), Liquid Room (JP), Lov.E (BRA), Ultraschall (D), Rohstofflager (CH), Liquid Club (MAL), E-work (D), Silo (B), Paradiso (NL), etc etc…
As a result of his many live performances he has been voted "Best International Techno live PA " on several occasions by the readers of dance music magazines such as Coda and Bassline.
But Stéphane’s music career has not just been limited to releasing records. In 1998 he contributed to the soundtrack of Sony Playstation’s « Ghost In The Shell » game, which became a best seller in Japan. He has also written the soundtracks for two films by the French director Laurent Merlin: “Papa” in 1998 and “Step by Step” in 2000. And in 2003 he worked in collaboration with Laurent Garnier on the soundtrack for the cartoon “Globi” (Iris production)
His second album "How to make the unpredictable necessary", released in 2003, was highly praised by the international press such as Raveline, Muzik, I-Dj, etc…It was preceeded by the release of several singles charted by leading international DJs such as Dave Clarke, Sven Väth, Ben Sims, Dave Angel, Dave Mothersole and Trevor Rockcliffe…(To name but a few…)
The dance music press were also quick to pick up on these tracks : "Higher/The Soul" was "single of the month" in both MixMag (UK) and Trax (F). "Neurotronik/The Blade" was "single of the month" in both Muzik (UK) and Bassline (CZ)…
The end of 2003 saw Stephane working with the legendary Detroit artist Scan 7, the single that was released as a result of this collaboration was highly praised by the press.
Beggining 2004, Stephane made a serie of remix for different artists (Gallen on Bullit rec., Daisuke Matsusaka on Horizon Japan, Winds on Calme Rec., Chaotik Ramses on A-traction rec…).
During the summer he worked on the mix and sound engineering for the new laurent Garnier's Album "The Cloud Making Machine" (released 31th january 2005). At the moment Stéphane is working on new material that should be released very soon…

Scan X