Arkanoid (aka Kenneth De Gruyter) had always been in touch with music ever since his father dj'd at several clubs and parties in the first half of the eighties. Studying in Gent, he soon got mindraped by the organic sounds of the 303. Starting out playing in the backroom of the Decadance (with Phénomècron/D'Naab 136) in Gent, he soon got together with some friends to form the non-profit organisation Krank Kartell. The X-parties in Nieuwpoort and Oostende were a fact:a series of 8 acid parties from '98 'till '02. Co-operations with Ghent-based Christmass Kitchen Lab later resulted in the Phos-4 evenings.

Motivated by the fact that a lot of labels were more concerned with numbers and sales than with music, Arkanoid started out his own label with Mr.Gasmask (aka Roel Dewaele): Binary Bassline Records. A Gent-based acid label that tries to release good music off all kinds, but never without the 303. This summer, the label teamed up with Eliminator (aka Kjell Tahon) for the first edition of Binary Bassline Acidfest. An annual 100% live pa openair acid festival in the Gent area, with artists like Woody McBride, Rob Acid, Mike Dred,…

Besides releasing on his own label, releases on other labels are to be expected, as well as an appearance track on a forthcoming acid compilation on Woody McBride's Communiqué records.