Real Name: Daniƫl Leeflang
Date Of Birth: 29-01-1970
Residence: Huizen, NL

Dano started spinning in 1984 at several illegal radio stations in Amsterdam. In '87 he became a journalist for an Amsterdam based Newspaper (News of the day by Telegraaf), through which he came in contact with Eddy de Clerq (Dutch House-Guru) and club Roxy. The Roxy was the first club in Holland that started with Acid House.

In 1989 Dano had a show on the popular radio station Radio 100, with Freddy B; Acid Explosion. 1990 Was the year in which Dano had his first residency in club Mazzo with Dimitry and D-Shake. The night was called Club Loca.

The first massive party in Holland (The Final Exam) was organized by ID&T in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht in 1992. Dano spun amongst his buddies Prophet, Gizmo and Buzz Fuzz. Together they where known as THE DREAMTEAM. Many huge parties followed after this, i.e. Mayday & Love Parade in Berlin, Germany. The well-known Hell raiser parties in Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam and other big ID&T events. Dano won 4 awards for being the best gabber/hardcore dj during this period.

After 8 years of hardcore it was time for him to progress. Techno became the music that had earned his passion. The year 2000 started with the foundation of his own techno label in January. TPF Records (does it ring a bell?). The first 5 releases were produced together with KC.

2001 Caused some changes to happen. Damian Keane is now producing on the TPF label with Dano as they move from strength to strength. In a recent poll on the Awakenings website, where the question was "which DJ that never played on awakenings, should according to you?" Dano won with 25%. Dano was also one of the key players behind many previous TPF parties and will remain heavily involved in the many good things to come!!!

Discography DJ Dano:
Dano made over 200 tracks! Here are a few:
Dreamteam Productions: -Welcome to the Thunderdome 120 - 9000 - ID&T (this track starts off at 120 BPM and finishes up to 9000 BPM!!) -Something Bigger -All I Know -Laughed Ride -I'm in the Dark -Flying from place to place -Critical Levels -About us -Marsh Mellow
Mayday Recordings: -What's it about (it's about peace and love) -Extravatrance -The Chase -United in One
Mokum Records: -I Wanna Be a Hippy Remix (Golden record & #1 hit record world wide!!) -T1000 RMX (remix for USA's " Fear Factory") -Name of my DJ RMX (remix for "Chosen Few") -Skippyball -Starting up -Energy -Pawlow -Alice in Wonderland -Beat for me -Manic Cure (another RMX for " Fear Factory") -Cosmic Trash
Woeste Man Fukum Records: -Fuckem all -Si tu Veux -Master Machine -Put it on the Table -Bottom
Line ESP Records: -Oooh Shit -Now -Division by Zero
TPF Records (Techno): -Kate -Floor Thriller -RVS Gate -1 2 3 -UFO Turbo Diesel -Untitled Track -Respect to PGV. UK -Crabs -Uprising (still a hit!)