Acid alias van Stanny Franssen.

orn in 1973, G-Force (the acid alias of Stanny Franssen), grew up in the tranquil environment of Tongeren – Belgium. Round the age of 16 G-Force played his first parties, mixing acid techno sounds from implants such as UR and +8. The music bug just kept on going and so records were bought and the need to produce grew.

The desire to produce was aim n°1 and so Stanny invested into new material and isolated himself in the studio. The sound of Stanny Franssen got separated in several aliases. Under Propionic, acid was the bleep to follow. G-Force was on the techno track releasing on Kobayashi, Zync, Terminal M and Genetic. After the initiative to start the own Genetic imprint and five G-Force releases, the decision was made and Stanny Franssen took over for the techno division and is creating a great future. G-Force disappeared from the scene.

But 2003 was the big return for G-Force. He returned being symbol of pure raw acid sets. After a special request G-Force played an acid party at the Belgian club Zoo. The feeling, the reactions, the vibe was so overwhelming, the decision was bound to happen. G-Force is back and only in acid action ! The summer of 2004 is also the beginning of stunning live performances of G-Force. Live acid sets created using three TB 303; TR 909; SH 101 and additional drum loops and sounds from portable. These live sets will be legendary in no time and above all unique. A new acid start from G-Force Live and dj. For Retro Acid fully live of course !