DJ Pacific was born on August 28th 1977, in Ahwaz, Iran, under the name Ali Aryan. He came to the Netherlands when he was 9 years old.
Pacific began djing at the age of 16. He was fascinated by the music that was played by his brother DJ Zagros. He loved it and progressed from there. He began his DJ career in a local club X-ray (Zwolle).
His appearance in the X-ray leaded to more performances as a guest DJ in other clubs, national as well as international. Clubs like Escape (pure UK) Amsterdam, Dino’s Amsterdam, Axl Utrecht, A33 Germany, Tropics Lloret del Mar Spain, Aria Kreta Greece, Club Black and White Kreta Greece, Palace Los Angeles USA, God’s Kitchen Los Angeles USA and many more.

Since the opening of the new club The-Q (Zwolle), in the beginning of 2001, Pacific became one of the resident DJ’s.
The sound of DJ Pacific is energetic progressive / tech-house with trible and groovy influences.
One of Pacific’s best qualities is that he knows how to anticipate the crowd with his music, by the inspiration that is giving him by the crowd. He is also very well capable to bring the music towards a climax and knows how to end the night well.
Since 2002 DJ Pacific and Zagros also give live-performance in various clubs like Melkweg Amsterdam, The Q Zwolle and in this year (2003) the first live-performance will be in Podium Hardenberg. They will be asisted by a vocalist and djambe-players.
Pacific is also involved in various projects in the dance scene.

Since 1999 DJ Pacific started to producing his own records together with his brother DJ Zagros in their own studio A.J.A Productions what later on became Nayra-Productions.
His first track “Nayra” (Rhythem Import) was written and produced in cooperation with DJ Zagros and B.O.B. in 1999. Later on, in 2001, DJ Zagros and Pacific produced their hit “Shine” (Combined Forces) and was licensed by Tidy Traxx. “Shine” had also a lot of cd compilations all around the world.
The last year they wanted to take more out of the music then they already had done. They changed their style into a more uplifting progressive / tech-house sound.
In 2002 they made “The Grand” which was received very well and had airplay at Radio 538 (Van Diepens Dance Department).
At this moment DJ Pacific is more studio based to develop a more personal and characteristic sound.

Upcoming single releases:

Release date 14-07-2004
Zagros & Pacific – “The Grand”

Release date 25-10-2004
Zagros & Pacific – “ZaPa”


ESCAPE (pure UK), Amsterdam, MELKWEG, Amsterdam (Live)
DINO'S, Amsterdam, THE-Q, Zwolle, Hedon, Zwolle AXL, Utrecht
PODIUM, Hardenberg (Live), X-RAY, Zwolle

PALACE, Los Angeles (USA), GOD'S KITCHEN, Los Angeles (USA)
A33, Germany, TROPICS, Lloret del Mar (Spain)
ARIA, Kreta (Greece), CLUB BLACK AND WHITE, Kreta (Greece)

and many more…