Stijl: UK/US garage

Naam: Bianca Latupapua

In the year 1983 on the 6th of October a talented girl has been born in Amsterdam. Her mother (roots: Dutch, Indonesian) and father (roots: Moluccan) named her Bianca. They never imagined that their little girl, in 18 years, would grow in to a musical talent.

Her first love was the accoustic guitar and during childhood, she practiced playing it and singing song along with it. She gets her inspiration by big stars in the Soul and R&B industry (Erykah Badu, Missy Elliot, Norah Jones etc). She started at the age of 18 at the Asian lounge to show everybody she can sing and play the guitar. Later that year the UK-Garage flow comes into the Netherlands and it is a true rage. All sorts of parties pop out of nowhere and a small group of young people (Splendid Crew) work really hard to be one of the Dutch specialists in this music scene. They only missed one thing: the right girl to mc into the beat. A good friend of her motivates Bianca to practice and to show what she is worth.

Currently she is one of the most wanted mc’s on UK-garage and Drum and Bass parties in the Netherlands. Her spontaneous appearance and powerful voice, hypes up the crowd at any party.

Lady Bee