Damon Wild is the president of Synewave. He has been
producing music since 1991, and djing since the age of 15.
He is recognized for his productions as a solo artist as well
as for his collaborations. He is well known for his early acid
tracks such as "Bang the Acid", "Ego Acid","Afghan Acid",
, Equinox "Pulzar", "Avion", Morph, to his more recent
electronic "Subtractive Synthesis" series. Damon was
raised in the South (New Orleans, La.), then moved North
to NYC to launch his music career.In 1992, he worked
as label chief at Experimental Records, NYC (NCP,EX).
After his first year of living in NYC, Damon and his
roomate Ray Love teamed up to produce a top 10 UK hit,
Toxic Two "Rave Generator".This was a start to his
production career. In 1995, Damon decided it was time
to begin his own label…Synewave.

Damon has produced over 90 productions
and 3 albums, since his start in 1989. Besides producing,
Damon enjoys dj'ing around the globe, as he finds
it a great way to get new inspiration and also a great way
to test new material.

Damon Wild
Verenigde Staten