Tim van paradijs a.k.a. DJ Invite started playing his first records 6 years ago. He used to visit Hardcore and Oldskool parties and saw there his favourite DJ’s of that time : The Viper & Gizmo.

He thought it would be fun to play recordshimself and decided to buy himself a mixer and 2 turntables.

In 1997 an entirely new world opened up for him while visiting the famous Awakenings party at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.
There he heard Techno for the first time and instantly knew that this was the style he wanted to play himself. He began playing it aside of Hardcore and Oldskool. At first mainly hard Techno.

The more he went to Awakenings and other techno parties, the more he lost himself in Techno. The fact that Techno was more than hard Techno alone, for its variation and diversity, made that Techno became the absolute style for him.

He played at local parties once in a while in 1998, which where organised by acquaintances and sometimes he was asked by others. Mostly these were Hardcore sets, but when he played Oldskool he slipped some Techno records in.

The more he listened to Techno, the more different Techno records he bought. It showed he had a liking for UK, Swedish and Japanese Techno. He liked to play dark and monotone records. He already liked dark in his Hardcore days.

In 2000 he came in touch with Tech-house & Progressive, the styles he still plays nowadays. He wanted to play more then Techno alone, especially he likes the alternation between Techno, Tech-House and Progressive.

Things became more seriously the next year, he started to send and to give away his own demo-cd’s. He gave one to DJ Drifter who thereupon invited him to play at De Vloer, a club in Utrecht, for his first Techno booking.

2002 was a year with many highlights, getting experience with smaller and bigger parties. One of thse highlights was his first trip abroad, to an Open Air party in Croatia. Later that year he also played in Belgium and a weekend in Estonia which was a highlight as well. His most important booking in the Netherlands came in November, playing at the TeQnology party in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. At his first major party he was allowed to play at prime time in the talentroom.

His best year so far is without a doubt 2003. Highlights of that year are bookings for the Planet Rose party in Doornroosje (Nijmegen) and the Solid Grooves party in Tivoli (Utrecht). Other highlights were mainly abroad, parties in Czech Rep, Slovenia and Belgium, all were very nice experiences.

In the past years Invite has had the opportunity to play at many smaller and bigger parties and important clubs like: Doornroosje (Nijmegen), Nighttown (Rotterdam), Tivoli and De Vloer (Utrecht), Simplon (Groningen), Nightlive (Maastricht and Hemkade (Zaandam).

Besides in the Netherlands he played in countries like Belgium (5x), Croatia, Slovenia, Czechia and Estonia.

Besides many talents he also played with well known DJ’s like: DJ Rush (USA), Oliver Ho (UK), Trevor Rockcliffe (UK), Steve Rachmad (NL), Psychogene (BE), DJ Boss (SLO), Lady Aida (NL) and more.

In the future he would like to play on more bigger and smaller parties both in the Netherlands as abroad.
Besides that he has started to make his own music, he has a dream to find one day his own records in the recordstores.
He wants to produce different styles, not Techno alone, maybe a combination of the styles he playes nowadays.