Steve D. is a regular DJ in the Tresor Club since 1994. Till 1999 he regularly played there the legendary "After Hour Sets" which brought him several good bookings. In 1997 he organised the first Tresor night in Moscow together with the Goethe Institute. His performance as Underground DJ from Tresor brought him for example to Brazil in the famous Bunker Club in Rio and to Sao Paulo, to Spain in the Space Club on Ibiza and also Moog+Nitsa in Barcelona. He is well known in Poland, Croatia and many other countries.
In Germany he has played in all well known clubs like Ultraschall/ Munchen, U60311/ Frankfurt, Prag/ Stuttgart, Phonodrome/ Hamburg, Distillery/ Leipzig and on many Festivals.
Without any own productions he is still pretty unknown in the media, but the people who do know him call him "The Marathon Man", set of 4 till 8 hrs are very normal. He must have picked this up when he was a DJ at the "After Hour Sets".
besides his solo DJ set and he has also got a live act together with Mad Max as "The Recyver Dogs".

Steve D