Lazy Eye started as one of the participants of the Energy Night, a dance event with an underground twitch. In those days he spanned a mixture of club, break-beat, acid-jazz trip-hop, evolving to the true sense of house music
The Energy Night was quite a success and this formula worked for several years, playing fresh dance music for everyone who's loving it.
Lazy Eye performed together with his partners in crime DJ Mo and DJ Flower and alongside great guest DJ’s and live acts.

After Energy Night ended in ’98, Lazy Eye started a new project called Atomic City, again this event rooted in Fenix, playing more techno and electro, also with all kind of guests. One of them in particular liked to come a lot. Lady Aida always was glad she was surrounded by the Atomic DJ’s and especially Dave, our Lazy Eye.

Atomic City is now more or less transformed into Technique Fantastique.
Together with Harry Winkelmolen, Robert Brown and the W.I.E.-organisation (Ron Min, Patrick den Hollander) he started the new clubnight at the Fenix in Sittard.
Atmosphere, decoration and GOOD music are things they all think are just as important as finding the right DJ’s to play at The T.F. Nights.
The W.I.E-organisation is specialized in decoration for all kinds of events. By decorating the club in their own way, they try to create the right environment for the right party spirit.
Through working together Get Ya Groove, Lazy Eye is trying to get the Technique Fantastique concept on the road.

Next to his residency at the Fenix, Lazy Eye was also resident of Nightlife’s techno event Ampere in 2002(M’tricht).
Lazy Eye twists especially (detroit)techno, electro and tech-house and makes from time to time a trip with the reggae soundsystem E & J Engine (V.B.I)

From 1991 untill now DJ LazyEye performed alongside or together in FENIX with:

I-F, Legowelt, ZionTrain, Hidden Agenda, Aphrodite, Dreazz&Nubian, Oliver Bondzio, General Electric, Lady Aida, Speedy J. Shinedoe, Subterfuge/DOP, Oliver Way, Acid Junkies, Steve Rachmad, Funckarma, G-Force, Ulanbator, OTB, Tomaz, Tossit,

In Nightlive Maastricht 2002:

Oliver Way, Justin Berkovi, Michel de Hey, Johannes Heil, Marc Zodiak, Acid Junkies, Estroe, Marco Carola, Damon Wild, Psychogene, Tomaz

Other Venues / festivals / party’s:

Backstage,Maastricht Swing, Sittard Auw Mok festival 2001,
Geleen Love Parade 2001/2003, Spuugh,Vaals (Technotix),
Azijnfabriek Roermond.