DMX Krew is a guy called Ed DMX who makes music and runs a label called Breakin' Records. He's released four DMX Krew albums on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label spanning electro, pop and experimental sounds, never following trends but forging his own musical direction. There have also been numerous singles including a cover of Kraftwerk's "Showroom Dummies" on DJ Hell's Gigolo label, a handful of electro/bass 12"s under various pseudonyms including Computor Rockers, which showcases a more overtly electro sound, as well as remixes for the likes of Cylob, Gentle People, Artists Unknown, LeCar and others. Ed's other side project is called "MPC Trax" released under the pseudonym EDMX which features stripped-down Detroit-style electrobass and ghetto sounds. The MPC Trax project has recently expanded to include tracks from Detroit producer DJ Nasty.
DMX Krew also incorporates guest musicians and singers from time to time; to date these have included Tracy DMX and Lee DMX on vocals, and Matt Jones on electric guitar. Ed takes on all the other duties such as production, programming, lead vocals and various musical instruments.
Ed has performed all around the world both as a DJ and as a live act, including a US tour with Rephlex in 2002, most of western Europe and some of eastern Europe too, all over Scandinavia, various cities in Japan including WIRE99 in front of 8000 people with Derrick May, Denki Groove in the Yokohama Arena.

DMX Krew
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