Name: Verdine Bel (formerly known as DJ BeLLiE)
Hometown: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Born: December 22, 1979

7 Years ago Verdine started dj-ing after visiting a local hardcore party. He had great interrest in what the dj was doing that night. Since then Verdine knew he wanted to become a DJ.
Verdine did have a problem though, he wasn’t able to buy 2 decks and a mixer. A friend told him he had 2 decks, a mixer and some old hardcore vinyl he didn’t use. That's why his friend decided to trade his decks to Verdine. For three years Verdine played hardcore. Sometimes at small local parties.

After this period his interests changed from hardcore to (Club)Trance. I Love Techno (11-11-2000) was his first technoparty and Verdine discovered that Techno was the musicstyle he liked most. After I Love Techno he changed his style again and this time he’s determined to keep playing the techno musicstyle.
He has already played for large audiences and he's hoping they will get bigger and bigger. This resulting in Verdine, becoming a respected dj in the technoscene.

His role models are: Mauro Picotto & Misstress Barbara. Picotto because of his supreme products and Mistress Barbara because of her extreme mixing skills. Of course he wants to reach their level, but there is still a long way to go.

Keep your eyes open for this dj.
Maybe you will see him on a big party in the near future..

Verdine Bel