Carlos Reyes Rios, born in 1971 in Chile, but now living in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), has got an allround creative mind. In the eighties he was a graffiti-artist, listening to Hip Hop and early house-music. It was only in the late nineties that he was infected by the techno-virus. It never left him, and soon he decided to buy his own equipment. But, no decks and no mixer for Carlos, this guy wanted to create his own music, and his own style of techno.

Within two years Carlos Rios made his debut on stage with a live-act Under the name of ''0to9''. It was the first in a long series of gigs all around the Netherlands. But his big breakthrough came at the moment that he decided to join forces with Vincent de Wit, another young and talented producer from the Netherlands. Their live-act set new boundaries, because these guys actually play and mix tracks live & freestyle in front of an audience, surprising each other with improvisations and tricks. It's the combination of 2 different styles that makes them unique.
But Carlos Rios is also successful as a solo-producer. Having released tracks on Highball and Audio Assault and with coming releases his name is becoming well known in the international techno-scene. His music can best be described as hard, energetic, deep and storming…

Carlos Rios is de nieuwste aanwinst van Underground Beats. Deze producer houdt zich puur bezig met muziekmaken en het doen van live-acts samen met Vincent. Carlos was begin jaren negentig een hiphop liefhebber, maar met zijn voorliefde voor vette beats kon ook techno niet uitblijven. In 2000 is Carlos begonnen met produceren, hetgeen heeft geleid tot een live-act, waarmee het duo Carlos Rios vs. Vincent de Wit al menige zaal plat gekregen heeft.

Carlos Rios