Vincent de Wit became interested in electronic music around 1989. He got some music tapes from friends and his twin brother Stephan. In 1994 he joined with his twin brother Stephan de Wit a local radio show, were he played a year later on the air. Also producing got his interest. After producing a couple of years he met Bas Mooy and Jeroen Liebregts ( owners of Audio Assault records …. ). Now days Vincent and Stephan are hosting there own evening Underground Beats and played in many national and international club and techno events like Awakenings, Reactor, Teqnology to name a few. Also is Vincent performing a Live act together with Carlos Rios witch he started in the year 2000, witch also resulted in some productions.


Vincent De Wit (incl. Dj Rush remix) - First Strike Ep

Vincent De Wit / Carlos Rios - Full Charge Ep

Mhonolink ( Vincent de Wit remix ) - Redlitedelite

Vincent De Wit / Carlos Rios - Chapter One - Against The Atoms Ep

Vincent De Wit ( incl. Secret Cinema remix) - False surrender Ep

Metroline (incl Frank Kvitta & Vincent de Wit remix) - Acetate

Dave Miller & Damian Keane Keane ( incl. Vincent de Wit remix ) - Instytut Energetyki

Bas Mooy & J. Liebregts ( incl. Glenn Wilson & Vincent de Wit remix ) - Stamina Ep

Headroom – Solar (Vincent de Wit & Bas Mooy remix)

Vincent de Wit & Bas Mooy – Backdraft

Vincent de Wit