Stijl: Techno/Tech-House

Born in Berlin, Paul Brtschitsch, whose almost unpronounceable name comes from Croatia, moved at the tender age of 10 with his family to Frankfurt. Under the earlier influence of the city's legendary club, OMEN, he soon discovered his love for electronic music. He dedicated himself to DJing and began playing regionally at numerous parties.

In 1992/93, he procured his first synthesizer and began creating his own tracks. In the years that followed he continued to gain all the experience he could before approaching Ata and Heiko at Delirium with his first demo tape in 1995. Things haven't stopped ever since. Through his job at that time at Neuton distribution he was also able to establish many more contacts, which led to the release of his first record under the pseudonym "Analog Confusion" on the newly founded Tritone label at the end of 1995. Pure minimalism; the old Jeff Mills school, so to speak.

As a result, he was able to spend up to 15 hours per day in the studio working on his sounds during the months that followed. It was during this period that he met André Galluzzi, with whom he launched the Taksi label in 1996. Richie Hawtin licensed and remixed their track "Schneesturm" (Taksi 07) and released it on his label Plus 8 in December 2001. In early 2002, the first Taksi album "Rundfahrt" has been released and promoted during an international tour. Paul has not limited himself to production work with André Galluzzi for their own Taksi label, but has also released various records on such labels as Force Inc., Ongaku and of course Frisbee.

His first album, "Surftronic", was released in February 2000 on the Frisbee Tracks label, followed by "Venex" (April 2001) which has been a consequent development of "Surftronic" and highly critically acclaimed.

During the last years Paul was often touring live throughout Europe. All this newly gained experiences have influenced his productions. The result is a clearly arranged work, containing a beginning, a middle and an end. "What I miss in contemporary productions are emotions and arrangements," he openly admits. He counters this boredom with playful elements from House, Hard House and Techno, excellent grooves and imaginative samples and instrumentation. With his songs Paul tells stories that leave more room than the cut from one track to the other, that mean more than just one of many DJ tools in the record box.

Paul now presents with "Memory" his 3rd album. It's first single "2nd Memory" is available since middle of April. Standstill means stepping backwards why Paul constantly develops his sound in an unstoppable way: terse sounds, who already have been important parts of "Venex" have been adapted, reworked and are presented now on "Memory" in a different correlation. It's a Brtschitsch!

Paul Brtschitsch