Eric Delahaij was born just before the seventies started. He spent his teenage and early adulthood years in a time when music trends shifted from “disco” to “house”.
In those years Eric developed his passion for music and dee-jaying, resulting in him starting up his own pirate radio station in 1989 called “Amstelstad” which was on air for about two years.
In the early nineties he worked in record stores at Groenhof in Amstelveen and on the Rijnstraat in Amsterdam. At these venues he got in contact with Raymond. Sharing the same hobby, they started dee-jaying together. Practising at mixing records in the attic at home, driving their parents and neighbours up the wall. They got more experience at various (house) parties across the city.
Even though after a couple of years, they went their separate ways, Eric never lost his interest in music. Nowadays he’s working in the audio-visual industry, and still connected with music and sound.