Juha (1979) is the son of a Finnish mother and a Dutch father and has experienced the joy of a multicultural upbringing. His transnational background and cultural interest have culminated in his manoeuvring between the realms of world music, experimental jazz and electronic dance music, where he looks for the sublime drive that enlightens the heart and elevates the spirit. An original and intelligent artistic approach, built on curiosity and fascination, is what characterizes him. Juha experiments with the general perception of dance floor music, and tries to broaden our perspective by connecting the musical worlds in between he delightfully moves. Contemporary music such as Einojuhani Rautavaara's and spatial electronic dub as Rhythm & Sound and Vladislav Delay have a comparable alienating and introspective power; Bob Holroyd's chords and rhythms are as entrancing as Philip Glass's repetitions, and sound like a distant echo of Bach; Underworld, Soulful Distortion and Byzantine Oscillations all create a metaphysic trance that has the similar stimulating drive as tribal music from ancient cultures. Bringing all these styles together is an art that he has developed and perfected with his Byzantine Oscillations partner Datcho. Their music is penetrating and enchanting. Their own music event Orthodox is situated in Amsterdam. Both Juha and Datcho are critically acclaimed for exploring the many aspects of dance music. Hearing Juha play will make you wander inside yourself, in search for the essence of your fascination.

Soulful Distortion / Byzantine Oscillations / Underworld / Vladislav Delay / Rhythm & Sound / Biosphere / Murcof / Deadbeat / Arvo Pärt / Jean Sibelius / Claude Debussy / Gustav Mahler / Igor Stravinsky / Einojuhani Rautavaara / Johann Johannsson / Susumu Yokota / Brian Eno / Paul Frankland / Dreadzone / Fila Brazilia / Ninja Tune / The Leaf Label / Skintone / Pork / DJ Tommy / DJ Datcho / DJ Derrick May / DJ Dimitri / DJ Krien / Jasha / Lust het Leven / All is One / Orthodox / Film / Art / Literature / Philosophy / Life