name: jeffrey de gans
a.k.a.: da goose/axtandad/grounded/jeffed/real-people
birth: 10th august 1971
hometown: purmerend (4th floor)
eyes: 2 of 'm color grey/blue
hair: lot's of, color depending on mood
length: 1:78 m. according to passport
marital status: single (ladies ??)
pets: cat named klojo & 3 cool goldfishes

Jeffrey de Gans A.K.A. Da Goose was already interested in music and technology at a very young age (about 12 years old that is), he had his own illegal radio station and worked for a local (Schagen, Noord Holland) Drive In Show which gave him the opportunity to develop his DJ’ing and musical skills. Somewhere in 1987 he discovered the early acid stuff (Phuture and the likes) and got massively addicted to this kind of music. He had a radio show named Defsound, which in the beginning contained mostly Hip Hop and other dance orientated music but later on the show turned out to be a housemusic show. He even played that kind of music on the parties that where presented by the Drive In Show, ofcourse it was hard to play that kind of music for wedding / school parties and so he decided to organize this kind of parties himself which where the first ones in that area and really popular at that time.

Jeffrey also fooled around with tapedecks and a Casio sk-1 (kids like) keyboard making his own remixes and music, so that turned out to be the beginning of his producers career. Later on he stopped DJ’ing for some time, and was very much into experimental ambient and techno. After about two years without any serious dj/producing plans he rediscovered DJ’ing after he started to work for a local radio station (ZFM Zandvoort), it was at the same place that he met Edwin Keur (Lambda-Hold On Tight) and so they started to work together on a very popular radio show (BPM) and became friends. He also bought some serious studio equipment and started making his own music and everything started all over again but now way more seriously.

After a couple of demo's Jeffrey got signed by ID&T and started making music for them, together with this, his DJ’ing career started to make serious moves. He played on a lot of parties since then like the ones in Escape, Melkweg, Paradiso, LVC and of course the big ones like Innercity, Mysteryland, FFWD Streetparade, Shockers, just to name a few. He played together with Jeff Mills, Phuture 303, Luke Slater, Carl Cox, Michel de Hey, Acid Junkies, Steve Rachmad, DJ Remy, DJ Misjah and many other DJ’s from all over the globe. After beeing signed his musical career was getting pretty serious and since then he released over 30 records under various distinguishes and on various labels like A1 Records, Upstruct (His own label) Filet de Vinyl, pssst and other projects on various smaller labels, a lot of 'm not even mentioned here because of the secretness he wants these productions to have. Beeing a DJ also gave him the opportunity to do a mixcompilation CD for A1 Records. In March 1999 he released his debut album on A1 records called Materialistik which had raving reviews. Da Goose is also a well respected remixer, he did remixes for Phuture 303, Da Hool, the Horrorist, Rene et Gaston, Lambda, Innerdrive, sir jamez and many more.

Right now da goose is running his own label (Hi9) together with Edwin Keur which had 6 stunning releases so far. Da goose is also doing stuff for the shockers label, da goose is one of the main producers for this label which is also known for their compilation cd's and parties. on the 5th of may 2001 a big shockers was given in the amsterdam RAI and da goose produced the anthem for this party in the form of "man of steel" he also performed as a dj on the mainstage. As a team da goose is producing in co-operation with Lambda as Jeffed, which is a more clubfeel alter ego of the two, the Jeffed stuff is known from pssst music and hi9 but they also produce as da goose vs. lambda and lambda vs. da goose. Turquoise is a project togehter with dhakela, the first release is out now on the shockers label in the form of geigerzeller. Together with lambda Jeffrey started of a new project named "Real People" with female singer Fadoua, expect the first release to be out in januari 2002 on 33 45 records (united recordings), raving vocal tracks with a clubby, punchy feel. Da goose also just started of a new project with more percussive looplike techno as grounded, the first release will be out real soon on shockers records on he will also release his newborn technosounds on bassethound records in march 2002.

Da Goose is always one step ahead of his own music and doesn't want to stick to one style as most dj's/producers do, his musical productions range from techno to club and from electro to bangin' disco. His DJ sets are really powerfull three turntable techno mixes which are known all over. Da Goose gave up his dj'ing career for about a year but from now on he's back in business, so keep your eyes and ears open and be warned !

Da Goose