Just after finishing her college-time Monika had to make up a decision about being a model or follow her real interest: music. Instead of superficial attitudes she followed her love to music and in the beginning of 1991 she started to DJ in the Babalu-Bar/Munich playing HipHop, Funk and her first influential houserecords.

Just after this first step into new kinds of music she got already a DJ-Residency at the Parkcafé/Munich.

Nevertheless she wanted more than just a plain bookings and joined the Ultraworld-Crew at the End of 1993. This crew organised the first techno-parties in Munich and later they opened up the legendary Ultraschall-Club (Summer `94) at the old airport Munich-Riem. Since then she is a Resident-DJ at the Ultraschall club and took their solid underground style to many clubs in germany and later on worldwide.

Her own musical ambitions started with buying her first keyboard (a Roland JD-800) and a co-Production with Richard Bartz aka Acid Scout which was released in spring 95 on the Pomelo Compilation Nr.1 from Austria.

In the year 1995 Monika was responsible for the A&R department of Kurbel-Records which is a stronghold of modern german techno till today. Further internationalen DJ-gigs took her to raves & clubs of european capitals like London, Stockholm or even to the hometown of housemusic, Chicago.

On her search for more thrilling party-locations Monika organised her first streetcarparty in mid `95, where she rented an official trolley and transformed it to a pounding club on wheels. Since then this party was made just 5 times to keep it a real party-highlight. Other more or less illegal partys were made in old powerplants or in old military bunkers, always with a real underground flavour.

At the end of 1997 the german label Fine Audio Recordings contacted Monika concerning the release of a new Mix-CD series and this lead her to DJ-Mix-Series Vol.1 giving her the possibility to display her musical spectrum out of classic tunes and up to date DJ-Tools. This CD has already sold more than 9000 copies without promotion or promo-budget which speaks for itself.

Her reputation as a versatile DJ was manifested again at the end of 1997 when she was voted into the Top 5 of the leading german House & Techno-DJ by the readers of the german GROOVE-Magazine. Just one year later she was voted on the third position in the same category just behind Sven Vaeth and DJ Hell, being the only women in the first 40 places.

While working in her own home-studio based in Berlin with a new 32-Channel-Mixer and several drummachines to find new exiting patterns another important record in Monika´s carrier was released: The Frankfurter based label Frisbee Records (initiated by DJ Good Groove) came out with "Monika Kruse in Voodooamt" (partially made together with Patrick Lindsey) in February ´98 and just half a year later another track by Monika was on the Frisbee-Records Tour-CD. This contant stream of quality was followed by the 3-Track EP "Hoschi pres. Monika Kruse" on the british label Primeevil. After the Frisbeerecord Monika Kruse returned to Patrick Lindsey´s studio in autum`98 to record a tribute for "the last night" of the famous Omen-Club in Frankfurt. It was released on Lindsey´s School-Label and after several weeks of extensive club-play this EP entered the german dancecharts DDC-Charts on place number 24.

In Oktober 99 she introduced on her Brasiltour her follow up "Monika Kruse im Voodooamt part 2" (Frisbee) and the first edition was sold out in the first week. Due to the brilliant success of her first Mix-CD on Fine Audio Recordings the austrian XXX Recordlabel choosed Monika to record a Mix-CD for a big party in April`99 and when the international lifestyle-magazine MAX compiled a Berlin-Cityguide edition Monika was displayed as one of the leading creative talents in this pulsating city.

In April 2000 another cooperation with Patrick Lindsey "U like / Sommergewitter" was released on patricks new Technolabel, called Trackland.

In April she played the first time live for the most important official radiostation HR3 Clubnight in Frankfurt, a radiostation, which won already a few prices concerning their support in youthculture.

In 2000 Monika started her own label. Inspired of her travels, she called her label Terminal M. Her first record "Needlehopper" Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt was released end of may. Another dream of her came true at the loveparade 2000 in Berlin, where she had the honor to play at the finalparty of the parade at the statue together with only a few djs like Carl Cox, Takiu Ishino, Hell in front of 1.5 Million people and several TV stations.

In Oktober she will release another Mix CD on Terminal M called "Monika Kruse on the road vol.1" and her promotiontour will bring her for the first time to Japan and Island.

In December Monika Kruse@Voodooamt put another release out on Terminal M, called "stringrise".

Monika Kruse