nye muzzic 31-12-2005

Just like last New Years Eve Muzzic will touch down in the upper rooms of the Vooruit venue on December 31st. But a bit different from last year is our musical direction. We could not stay blind to the evolutions within the more melodic, groovier, minimal style that's ruling undergound dance-floors all over the world today.

So we bring you a main room filled with uplifting minimal sounds and electro house brought to you not only by young talents from here as Franco Cangelli and Seba Lecompte vs. Roebin de Freitas but also Toni Rios, one of Sven Vaths earliest friends and dj. of the legendary Omen and now Cocoon Club and as live-act Donnacha Costello of Minimise and Kompakt fame. His records are the favourites of Luciano, Magda, Troy Pierce and Ricardo Villalobos and you'll all hear them this New Years.

Off course, we do remain first hour fans of tech-house also and that's why we've re-invited our old Studiotek resident Dave Mothersole of Eukahouse and Kiss FM in the second room. He will be joined by the crop of the Belgian scene : Josh Lasden, Fred Nasen, DJ Prinz and rising stars Soul Phonic, the soundsystem made up of Ben Milo and DJ Quincy.

But don't stare yourself blind on the styles of the different rooms … we're sure you might hear a more minimal house track in the tech-house room and you will probable also hear some acid tracks in the minimal room …

This New Years Muzzic welcomes an array of styles : minimal techno, acid house, click and electro house and all in between and more … the result of 20 years of electronic music …

And we are convinced that there will be a highly energetic and mind blowing atmosphere in both rooms!

To top it all off the youngsters gathered by Psytox will take all of those electronic sounds even deeper and more experimental and bleepy …

Room 1 Café Electro House & Minimal Tech
Franco Cangelli ( Toys for Boys, Sushi Tech )
Toni Rios ( Cocoon, Frankfurt )
Donnacha Costello LIVE ( Minimise, Kompakt, Ireland )
Seba Lecompte vs. Roebin de Freitas ( Soundattack, Minor Moves )

Room 2 Ballroom Tech - en Acid house
Josh Lasden ( Fresh parties, El Futuro )
Fred Nasen ( Visitor Records, News )
Dave Mothersole ( Intrinsic, Wiggle, Eukahouse , UK )
Soul Phonic ( Quincy vs Ben Milo, Punk Id Records )
Prinz ( Café d'Anvers )

Room 3 Deeper Soundscapes
PsyTox vs Arcana (Muzzic, Klangwerk)
Clar & Cameo (YTC, Audio Culture)
K-otec aka Orbi (Los Marginales )
Alex Forta (Positive Disorder, Daiquiri)


Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 23 - 9000
Gent, België